The Soho Basin ski area (“Ski Area”) is located on Crown estate which is leased to Soho Property Limited. The lease affords the lessee the right to exclude members of the general public.  In turn, Soho Ski Area Limited (“SSAL”) holds a Crown Recreation Permit over the Ski Area. SSAL is responsible for guests and invitees to the area.

Soho Basin Operational Area Map - Download PDF

SSAL does not wish to exclude public access to the Ski Area at this time.  However, any members of the public accessing the Ski Area must assume full responsibility and liability for their presence, and for any consequential outcomes that may arise as a result of such presence in the area.  Therefore, all parties who wish to access the Ski Area must:

  • complete a registration and assumption of risk and liability form (please download and print the form by following the link at the bottom of the page);
  • insert the form in the drop box at SSAL’s base of operations located near the top of the Cardrona ski field road or scan completed form and email to
  • make a donation of $5 per person per day of access to Lakes District Air Rescue Trust (LDART) - Download PDF.  The honesty box for the donations is located at the end of the first fence as you leave the Cardrona carpark, it is well signed.
  • recognise that SSAL’s use of the area holds priority over members of the general public, and act accordingly (e.g. do not poach lines, do not stop or congregate at the cat pick up points, remain as scarce as you possibly can);
  • never travel alone, carry an avalanche beacon, probe and shovel (and know how to use them), be prepared and carry appropriate equipment.

We reiterate that there is no right of public access onto this land. We expect the touring community, singly and collectively, to ensure the parameters above are observed in order to preserve the ability to access the Ski Area.
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